Saturday, February 10, 2007


Welcome to Photowalking St. Louis. The purpose of this site is to organize and promote Photowalking in St. Louis. If you are unfamiliar with the Photowalking concept, please take a look at some of the links below. According to the Photowalking Wikipedia entry, while closely related to Street Photography, photowalking is differentiated by the main impetus being to photograph things of interest rather than people specifically. It is also often done as a method to practice and improve one's own photography skills rather than a with specific focus on documentary photography.

I was first introduced to the term Photowalking by Thomas Hawk and Robert Scoble through their excellent video podcast. While I have been Photowalking alone or with a few friends for longer than Thomas and Robert's video show, their recent Train Museum expedition made me realize that there is an opportunity for learning and camaraderie by opening this up to others. This isn't about what kind of gear you have, it's just about taking pictures and learning from others.

So with that in mind I am tentatively setting Saturday, March 31st as the first official St. Louis Photowalk. I haven't picked a location or a time and I am open to suggestions. If a lot of folks are interested, but the 31st doesn't work, then we can adjust the date.

If you interested, please leave a comment or email me at

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Trevor said...

I have put together a site that I hope many others may want to use. It is called, You are welcome to register with the site and post any upcoming photowalks that you organize. I plan to aggresively hype the site to the digital photography, photo sharing, and photowalking crowd. It's my hope that can become the primary place for photowalking enthusiasts to converge, learn from each other, and interact.